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Since 1984 S & P Flex Circuit Ltd. is a Toronto-based circuit board company with a tradition of excellence. In fostering relationships with our valued clients, we strive to maintain the highest customer satisfaction. To earn your trust, we have built our business model around flexibility and reliability. Our goal is to deliver quality products on time and provide top notch service at competitive prices. Timeliness is one of the most important success factors in our industry. To this end, we are pleased to offer a minimal turnaround time of 24 hours for our clients with a tight schedule. Building on over 30 years of experience in the electronics fabrication industry, S & P Flex Circuit Ltd. continues to create value for our clients.


Circuit Board Printing

S & P Flex Circuit Ltd. manufacture a wide range of circuit boards from single-sided boards to complex 12 layer creations. Our customers can choose from a multitude of materials such as above mention with various surface finish as RoHas (lead free Tin), Led finish and ENIG Nickle Gold. We specialize in aluminum and copper-base metal core boards. Some applications of metal core boards are in high intensity LED lights that generate a lot of heat. Metal core boards dissipate heat more effectively than other boards. Because metal core boards are thick, S & P Flex Circuit Ltd. uses sophisticated, high quality equipment to drill, route and score over 1000 such boards in any given month. Our proven process and skilled staff keep up with the most demanding 24 hour turnaround orders.

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Quality control and assurance begins the moment a client contacts us. S & P Flex Circuit Ltd. is UL approved as well as complies with ISO and IPC standards to deliver the highest quality. All of our quality control and assurance processes are done in-house. Our engineers inspect the client’s gerber files for any breaks or defects to make sure they are ready for production. Each stage of the process, from plotting files and creating job folders to selecting materials and printing circuits, emphasizes strict adherence to customer requirements. Once complete, every single S & P Flex Circuit Ltd.’s product undergoes quality and functionality testing to make sure it meets all industry standards.

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IPC-600 Standard

ISO 9001:2008

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